Opening Activity - Sept 30 - Zoom Effect

1) Copy the Composition notes from the board

2) Read the Mastering the Zoom Effect article.

Mastering the Zoom Effect Article

3) In your own words, describe (TYPE ANSWERS BELOW):
      a) How to create the zoom effect in your images
      b) 5 tips you would give to another photographer who is trying the zoom effect for the first time


Zoom Blur Tutorial - #4 Photo Assignment

See the link below for the tutorial for your Zoom Blur image

Zoom Blur Photo Assignment #4 Tutorial

Opening Activity - Sept 29

1) Read the article below:


2) Write down 5 points you think are important to remember for when you're taking photos. FILL OUT FORM BELOW

3)  Copy the composition notes from the board

Opening Activity - Sept 28

Continue working on your Camera Simulator assignment. DUE TODAY!

Those that need to re write the test, STUDY NOW!

If you are done both of these, see me.

Camera Simulator Assignment

Click the link below and try different settings on the camera to see what kind of images you get.

Can you freeze & blur the pinwheel? Shallow depth of field image? Long depth of field? Change the lighting conditions. How does light affect your image? What does changing the ISO do to the image?

Camera Simulator

ASSIGNMENT - Write down 10 things that you noticed when you changed certain settings on the camera

Opening Activity - sept 27

Study for your test!

Opening Activity - Yearbook Photography Ch2 - Sept 26

View the slide show and complete the quiz. Download the file as Word, complete, save. We will mark it later in class

Yearbook Photography Ch2 Slide Show

Yearbook Photography Ch2 Quiz


Opening Activity - Sept 22

Continue working the assignments you haven't handed in yet.

If you are done, come and see me for a camera to continue practicing the chart.

If you need to rewrite your Camera Identification Quiz, study now!

Opening Activity - Sept 21

Study for you Camera identification quiz! If you are done studying, continue working on your assignments.

Camera Holding & Focusing - LATE
PHotography & Society - DUE TODAY!


Opening Activity - Sept 20

Continue working on:
- Holding & Focusing
- Photography & Society
- Camera Identification - DUE YESTERDAY!

Camera Identification Quiz TOMORROW

Opening Activity - Sept 18

1) Watch Exposure Part 1 (below)

2) Read Exposure notes in your booklet

3) Continue working on Camera Identification, Photography & Society, Holding & Focusing a camera assignments

Exposure - Intro

Camera Idenitifcation

Looking at the diagrams in your booklet, complete the form below identifying each part of the camera and give a brief description for function. Use the manual (link below), video, and the presentation in class.

Canon XSi Camera Manual

Lynda Tutorial - Aperture

Watch the following 2 videos:

For the rest of class, you are to be working on your:
-History of Photography Assignment - DUE TODAY
- Camera Identification Assignment - Complete on blogsite. Don't forget to submit even if you're not done!
- Camera holding and focusing Assignment  - see booklet
-Photography & Society - see booklet

Opening Activity - Sept 15

Work on your History of Photography Assignment

History of Photography Assignment

After reading the article in your booklet, complete the following questions below:

Download the file to Word, complete, print & hand in.

History of Photography Assignment Questions

Opening Activity - Sept 14

VISUAL COMP Assignment 1 AND 2 are due TODAY!

Work on these for the first couple minutes of class. If you did not have to complete these assignments, watch the Visual Comp Videos.

Opening Activity - Sept 13

Continue working on your Visual Comp Assignments 1 & 2 and your yearbook page design

Career Connection Assignment

1) Go to and login
Username: Forest
Password: Lawn

2) Click on ASSESSMENTS at the top and click CAREER MATCHMAKER

3) Complete the 39 question inventory using the given rating guide

4) Choose a career listed for you that would utilize photography, imaging making, concepts, or elements of design that you would be interested in.

4) With your chosen career, complete the career profile questions below.

5) Find a job posting OR an artist portfolio for your chosen career

5) Find a job posting OR an artist portfolio for your chosen career

Opening Activity - Sept 12

Continue working on your Yearbook Page Design Assignment and Visual Comp Assignments 1 & 2.


Opening Activity - Sept 8

Continue working on your Visual Comp Assignments and yesterday's Opening Activity - Yearbook Photos Ch1 slide show and quiz

Yearbook Page Design Assignment - 20 marks

Following the tutorial from our guest speaker Jim, create a 2-page spread template to familiarize yourself with Yearbook Avenue.

DUE SEPT 12, 2011

1) Go to

2) Sign in with your user name (first initial last name) and password (ID number). No caps!
Job #: 19671 (Don't forget to drop down for the 2012 book)

3) Create --> Page Designer --> navigate to assigned page

4) Create your page design (If you are coming back to your design, Designs tab--> Custom, Practice Pages. Find yours and continue working)

Assignment Criteria (Don't forget to keep in mind elements of page design! See slide show). You have your choice as to what topic your design is for (Eg: Mugs, academics, sports, student life, etc). For ideas, see the Look It books, previous yearbooks, and design templates already on the site. Your page design must consist of the following:
- copy (text)
- image boxes
- headlines
- shapes
- clip art (optional)

5) Save as practice page with your name

Opening Activity - Yearbook Photography Ch1

View the slide show and complete the quiz

 Yearbook Photography Ch 1 Slide Show

Yearbook Photography Ch 1 Quiz

Opening Activity - Battle at F-Stop

Watch the Video below:

Opening Activity - The Yearbook

View the following slide show and complete the worksheet.

Yearbook 1 Slide Show

How to Hold a Camera

Using the class demonstration and the video below, write a summary of key points to remember when holding the camera

Course Outline & Other Things

Click below to see your Photography Course Outline, Rules and Regulations Contract,
and Equipment Responsibility Form

Photography Course Outline

Rules and Responsibilities Contract

Equipment Responsibility Form