Nov 30

Work on your 2 new photo assignments DUE TOMORROW!

Did you finish your Animoto? Did you make a new folder (in your h/p drive) for photos to have printed?

Nov 29

1) Create a folder named To Print. Drag and drop any of your image assignments you would like to have printed on photo paper

2) If you did not complete your Animoto slideshow video - work on it now, it is DUE TODAY!

3) Orientation photos from last week - did you hand yours in? 1 image, but taken at different orientation  - landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical). Majority of you DID NOT hand in your orientation pictures. Remember, you only change the WAY you take the picture, nothing else.

4) ISO Photo assignment - take 3 images with varying ISO settings. In your file name, tell me which ISO was used. (Eg. mslokeISO100, mslokeISO1600)

5) Work on your 2 new photo assignments due Thursday. REMEMBER TO LOOK AT THE IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS following the chart! Some people are handing in images that do not fulfill the assignment! (Eg. Landscape)

Nov 28 - Mini Portfolio - Animoto

Mini Portfolio!

A portfolio is a way of showing your best work in a dynamic way. There are various forms of portfolios available. You are going to create a quick one now!

1) View the sample below

2) Go to Animoto is a website that can create easy slide shows with added animation and music. We will be having these shown in the rotunda, so ensure your images are appropriate!

3) Click SIGN IN at the top and login in with the following information:
password: Learner

3) Click the blue Create Video button at the top

4) Choose a theme. You can test your theme by clicking the play button.

5) After you've chosen your theme, click the blue Create Video button

6) Follow the 4 steps outlined on the left. Watch the video tutorial BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANYTHING!

7) Add a minimum of 15 of your favourite photos you've taken this year so far. They should include all  your photo assignments and any yearbook ones that you like.

8) Create your slideshow! After your slideshow is finished producing, check to see if it's in the My Videos section. If it's there you are done!
9) DUE TUESDAY! REMEMBER! 2 new photo assignments DUE THURSDAY! (No school Friday)

** If you make any changes to your video, you will have to reproduce it.

Marking Criteria:

-15 photos minimum that are excellent photos (15 marks)
-Title Slide with creative slideshow name (5 marks)

Nov 25

1) If you did not complete the vignette assignment from yesterday, do so now.

2)Work on your photo assignments today. 3 new photo assignments are due! Remember you are handing in 4 images --> 2 are the same but differ in orientation (portrait = vertical, landscape = horizontal)

Nov 24 - Photoshop Vignette

Vignetting is an excellent way to enhance your images to make them look a bit more professional.

Watch the tutorial below. Try both methods shown in the video on 2 different images. SHOW ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE TO WORK ON YOUR PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS!

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments = 4 photos, 2 are the same image, but differ in orientation (portrait and landscape) DUE FRIDAY! 

Nov 23

Yearbook blitz! See me for a camera and yearbook assignment. When you are done, upload them to the YEARBOOK WEBSITE and continue working on your photo assignments.

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY! 4 photos are to be handed in (2 same, but with different orientation)

Nov 22

Work on your 3 new photo assignments today.

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments due FRIDAY. You will be handing in 4 images (2 are same subject, but different orientation)

Nov 21

1) Fill in your photo log. You must have at least 24 entries. They can be for any of the photos you've taken, whether they're good or not or whether you like them or not. (REMEMBER: You can right click on your image to get the information). SHOW ME BEFORE THE END OF CLASS.

2) CLASS CRITIQUE - review the critiquing questions (blogsite) and terms in your booklet. As a class, everyone will be asked to comment on a photo. You may be asked to comment on a certain question in regards to an image, or your general opinion. THIS IS FOR MARKS!

3) Experiment with portrait and landscape orientation today. Work on your photo assignments, but try taking the same shot in portrait AND landscape orientation. Does one work better than the other for your image? How so? Or do both forms of orientation do a good job enhancing the image?

3 new photo assignments due FRIDAY.  See the Due Dates Calendar for description. You will actually be handing in 4 images, but two of your images will be the same except for the orientation.

Nov 18

2 New photo assignments DUE TODAY!

Yearbook blitz! The pictures aren't good enough to put into the yearbook :( Let's work on getting in closer and taking pictures of people IN ACTION. DO NOT STAND AT THE DOOR TO TAKE PICTURES!

1) See me for a camera to get your yearbook assignment. Take 12 pictures that are CLOSE and we can see people's faces and what they're doing. Show me when you get back. BE BACK IN 45 MINUTES!

2) Upload your photos to the Yearbook drive and drop into the proper folder

3) Work on your photo assignments

Image File Characteristics Assignment

1) Download the assignment below as a Word doc. You may need to open in a new window.

2) Go to Learn Alberta --> Photography 1275 - Digital Processing --> Project 2 --> play button --> #16 File Formats (click the link)

3) When you are done, drag and drop into the Assignments drive --> Loke --> Image File Characteristics Assign folder

4) Work on your photo assignments. 2 new photos DUE FRIDAY NOV 18

Nov 15

Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing long weekend!

Yearbook photo blitz today!

See me for a camera and yearbook assignment. Go out and capture 12 shots for your yearbook assignment. Show me your shots when you come back. BE BACK IN 45 MIN!

Remember to knock and ask for permission BEFORE you enter classrooms.

Upload your images to the yearbook drive BEFORE the end of class. Make sure it is uploaded to the correct folder!

Nov 10

Continue working on your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY. Submit them by dropping them into the Assignments drive. --> Loke--> Submissions--> Photo Assign #4

Nov 9 - Photographer Profile

1) Find a PhotoLife magazine on the side shelf

2) Find the photographer profile article

3) Answer the following questions in the form below

Nov 8

Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE THURSDAY.

Nov 7

1) You have 15 minutes to edit and drop your 4 new photo assignments into the Assignments drive

2) When you are done, read the Critiquing Guidelines & Questions posting

3) Grab a 1/2 sheet of scrap paper and number down the left hand side #1-8 and wait for instructions.

Critiquing Guidelines & Questions

Critiquing your work is a way to help you become a better photographer. Seeing your images through someone else's eyes can give you new ideas about composing your images. Everyone has individual preferences as to what is pleasing, so remember these are only suggestions; you can decide whether or not you want to take them to heart.

Critiquing Guidelines

- Be respectful
- Constructive Criticism
- Note strengths and areas for improvement

Critiquing Elements

1) What are the Elements of Design/Composition in the image? (lines, texture, shape, negative space, weighting, placement, emphasis, dynamics, balance, point of view, rule of thirds, 9-zone grid - see booklet for descriptions)

2) How did the light source affect the image?

3) Focus & focal points - What are they? Did you like them?

4) Depth of field and how it influences the image - Shallow or long? How does it add to the image?

5) Exposure & ISO - which part of the Photographic Triangle was primary?

6) Noise, distractions, and aesthetics - Are there any? What would be a suggestion for improving/avoiding it?

7) Using proper terminology

8) Any other suggestions for helping photographer improve their image regarding a certain photography aspect? (Eg. position subject more on 9 zone grid, think more about using (blank) lighting, set your aperture to be larger, bring down your ISO, etc)

Nov 4

Continue working on your 4 photo assignments. 4 new ones are DUE MONDAY!


Nov 3

Yearbook Photos Today!

1) See me to sign out a camera

2) See me to get your yearbook assignment

3) You must capture 10 images for your assigned topic

4) Show me your images. Upload to the Yearbook drive ONLY.

5) Continue working on your 4 photo assignments.


Nov 2

1) Upload your school photos into the YEARBOOK drive. Be sure to sort them into separate categories and put into individual folders

2) Work on your photo aging assignment and/or photo essay if you haven't handed them in

3) Continue working on your 4 photo assignments due FRIDAY.