Nov 29

1) Create a folder named To Print. Drag and drop any of your image assignments you would like to have printed on photo paper

2) If you did not complete your Animoto slideshow video - work on it now, it is DUE TODAY!

3) Orientation photos from last week - did you hand yours in? 1 image, but taken at different orientation  - landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical). Majority of you DID NOT hand in your orientation pictures. Remember, you only change the WAY you take the picture, nothing else.

4) ISO Photo assignment - take 3 images with varying ISO settings. In your file name, tell me which ISO was used. (Eg. mslokeISO100, mslokeISO1600)

5) Work on your 2 new photo assignments due Thursday. REMEMBER TO LOOK AT THE IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS following the chart! Some people are handing in images that do not fulfill the assignment! (Eg. Landscape)