Nov 28 - Mini Portfolio - Animoto

Mini Portfolio!

A portfolio is a way of showing your best work in a dynamic way. There are various forms of portfolios available. You are going to create a quick one now!

1) View the sample below

2) Go to Animoto is a website that can create easy slide shows with added animation and music. We will be having these shown in the rotunda, so ensure your images are appropriate!

3) Click SIGN IN at the top and login in with the following information:
password: Learner

3) Click the blue Create Video button at the top

4) Choose a theme. You can test your theme by clicking the play button.

5) After you've chosen your theme, click the blue Create Video button

6) Follow the 4 steps outlined on the left. Watch the video tutorial BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANYTHING!

7) Add a minimum of 15 of your favourite photos you've taken this year so far. They should include all  your photo assignments and any yearbook ones that you like.

8) Create your slideshow! After your slideshow is finished producing, check to see if it's in the My Videos section. If it's there you are done!
9) DUE TUESDAY! REMEMBER! 2 new photo assignments DUE THURSDAY! (No school Friday)

** If you make any changes to your video, you will have to reproduce it.

Marking Criteria:

-15 photos minimum that are excellent photos (15 marks)
-Title Slide with creative slideshow name (5 marks)