Critiquing Guidelines & Questions

Critiquing your work is a way to help you become a better photographer. Seeing your images through someone else's eyes can give you new ideas about composing your images. Everyone has individual preferences as to what is pleasing, so remember these are only suggestions; you can decide whether or not you want to take them to heart.

Critiquing Guidelines

- Be respectful
- Constructive Criticism
- Note strengths and areas for improvement

Critiquing Elements

1) What are the Elements of Design/Composition in the image? (lines, texture, shape, negative space, weighting, placement, emphasis, dynamics, balance, point of view, rule of thirds, 9-zone grid - see booklet for descriptions)

2) How did the light source affect the image?

3) Focus & focal points - What are they? Did you like them?

4) Depth of field and how it influences the image - Shallow or long? How does it add to the image?

5) Exposure & ISO - which part of the Photographic Triangle was primary?

6) Noise, distractions, and aesthetics - Are there any? What would be a suggestion for improving/avoiding it?

7) Using proper terminology

8) Any other suggestions for helping photographer improve their image regarding a certain photography aspect? (Eg. position subject more on 9 zone grid, think more about using (blank) lighting, set your aperture to be larger, bring down your ISO, etc)