Dec 22

Happy Last Day! You can continue to work on your photo assignments and powerpoint portfolio, watch the movie, or both!

Remember your photo assignments are due today!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Dec 21

Continue working on your last photo assignments and you powerpoint portfolio. Almost done!


Dec 20

Continue working on your last photo assignments. Don't forget to edit your photos! DUE THURSDAY!

If you leave the classroom to take pictures, set up your slideshow. Be sure to hit repeat (Slideshow --> slideshow set up --> loop continuously until Esc is pressed)

Dec 19

1) Work on your powerpoint portfolio. You should have 12 photos with info slides completed by now.

2) Continue working on your FINAL photo assignments. Due Thursday!

Dec 16

Continue working on your coloured pictures edits for printing and your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY!

Dec 15

1) Choose up to 5 of your best photo assignments IN COLOUR and drop in the "photos to print" folder on the assignments drive. Make sure that they are colour corrected and vignetted. If you are unsure how to do this, go back to the postings and watch the video tutorials.

2) Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments due FRIDAY!
REMEMBER! All of your photo assignments should be handed in by NEXT THURSDAY! If you are behind, BORROW A CAMERA OVERNIGHT!

Dec 14

Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY!

Dec 13

1) Find 26 yearbook photos and compile them into a folder. I will come around and mark your photos. Let me know when you're ready to be marked. If you do not have 26, compile what you have and I will mark what you have.

2) Continue working on your 2 new photo assignments due FRIDAY.

Dec 12

1) Work on your powerpoint portfolio. Your transitions between slides should only be 3 seconds long. Do not animate every object in your slideshow. Your transitions should only be between slides. There is a shortcut to make every slide have the same transition. Can you figure it out?

2) Class Critique

3) Did you do your orientation picture assignment? Only 2 people handed one in. Your orientation picture is this: Take a picture of an object twice. The only difference should be the way you hold the camera - vertical (portrait orientation) or horizontal (landscape orientation)

Dec 9

1) Drag and drop a photo we have no seen yet into the Critique folder on the Assignmnets Drive. We will critique monday. Please continue to use the same naming procedure for photos. Critique will be anonymous.

2) Continue working on your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY.

Dec 8

Continue working on your 2 photo assignments.


Dec 7 - Powerpoint Porfolio

You will be creating a Powerpoint Slide show Portfolio to display during Gr 9 Tours.

Click Below to see the Assignment

Powerpoint Portfolio Assignment

Sample Portfolio

Dec 6

1) Find and read & watch the Quick Mask and Colour Splash tutorials and assignment. Create a colour splash image. Show me when you are done.

2) Continue working on your photo assignments  - 2 new photos DUE FRIDAY

Photoshop Quick Mask Tool & Colour Splash

1) Read the Quick Mask tutorial below. Quick mask is a tool you can use to fine tune your selection you want to edit.

Quick Mask Tutorial
2) Try Quick Mask - show me. I want to see a complicated area/object selected in fine detail.

3) Watch the Colour Splash tutorial below.

4) Take one of your images and using both techniques explained here, colour splash one object in your image. You can also Google "high resolution fruit/food" in Google images and download an image and practice on that image. Drag and drop your image into the Colour Splash folder on the Assignments Drive --> Submissions.

REMEMBER! Contrary to the tutorial, create a new layer to make it black and white, do not do it to your original background layer. You will need to use a coloured photo.

Colour Splash Tutorial

Dec 5

Period 2 only- 2 New photo Assignments due today!

1) Choose 1 photo you would like to have printed. It should either be a yearbook photo or one of your black and white photo assignments that has had necessary editing done.  Drag and drop to Photos to Print folder on Assignments drive --> Loke--> Submissions

2) Choose 1 photo to have critiqued on Tuesday. Drag and drop to the Critique folder on Assignments drive --> Loke--> Submissions.

3) Work on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY!