Photoshop Quick Mask Tool & Colour Splash

1) Read the Quick Mask tutorial below. Quick mask is a tool you can use to fine tune your selection you want to edit.

Quick Mask Tutorial
2) Try Quick Mask - show me. I want to see a complicated area/object selected in fine detail.

3) Watch the Colour Splash tutorial below.

4) Take one of your images and using both techniques explained here, colour splash one object in your image. You can also Google "high resolution fruit/food" in Google images and download an image and practice on that image. Drag and drop your image into the Colour Splash folder on the Assignments Drive --> Submissions.

REMEMBER! Contrary to the tutorial, create a new layer to make it black and white, do not do it to your original background layer. You will need to use a coloured photo.

Colour Splash Tutorial