Dec 22

Happy Last Day! You can continue to work on your photo assignments and powerpoint portfolio, watch the movie, or both!

Remember your photo assignments are due today!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Dec 21

Continue working on your last photo assignments and you powerpoint portfolio. Almost done!


Dec 20

Continue working on your last photo assignments. Don't forget to edit your photos! DUE THURSDAY!

If you leave the classroom to take pictures, set up your slideshow. Be sure to hit repeat (Slideshow --> slideshow set up --> loop continuously until Esc is pressed)

Dec 19

1) Work on your powerpoint portfolio. You should have 12 photos with info slides completed by now.

2) Continue working on your FINAL photo assignments. Due Thursday!

Dec 16

Continue working on your coloured pictures edits for printing and your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY!

Dec 15

1) Choose up to 5 of your best photo assignments IN COLOUR and drop in the "photos to print" folder on the assignments drive. Make sure that they are colour corrected and vignetted. If you are unsure how to do this, go back to the postings and watch the video tutorials.

2) Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments due FRIDAY!
REMEMBER! All of your photo assignments should be handed in by NEXT THURSDAY! If you are behind, BORROW A CAMERA OVERNIGHT!

Dec 14

Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY!

Dec 13

1) Find 26 yearbook photos and compile them into a folder. I will come around and mark your photos. Let me know when you're ready to be marked. If you do not have 26, compile what you have and I will mark what you have.

2) Continue working on your 2 new photo assignments due FRIDAY.

Dec 12

1) Work on your powerpoint portfolio. Your transitions between slides should only be 3 seconds long. Do not animate every object in your slideshow. Your transitions should only be between slides. There is a shortcut to make every slide have the same transition. Can you figure it out?

2) Class Critique

3) Did you do your orientation picture assignment? Only 2 people handed one in. Your orientation picture is this: Take a picture of an object twice. The only difference should be the way you hold the camera - vertical (portrait orientation) or horizontal (landscape orientation)

Dec 9

1) Drag and drop a photo we have no seen yet into the Critique folder on the Assignmnets Drive. We will critique monday. Please continue to use the same naming procedure for photos. Critique will be anonymous.

2) Continue working on your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY.

Dec 8

Continue working on your 2 photo assignments.


Dec 7 - Powerpoint Porfolio

You will be creating a Powerpoint Slide show Portfolio to display during Gr 9 Tours.

Click Below to see the Assignment

Powerpoint Portfolio Assignment

Sample Portfolio

Dec 6

1) Find and read & watch the Quick Mask and Colour Splash tutorials and assignment. Create a colour splash image. Show me when you are done.

2) Continue working on your photo assignments  - 2 new photos DUE FRIDAY

Photoshop Quick Mask Tool & Colour Splash

1) Read the Quick Mask tutorial below. Quick mask is a tool you can use to fine tune your selection you want to edit.

Quick Mask Tutorial
2) Try Quick Mask - show me. I want to see a complicated area/object selected in fine detail.

3) Watch the Colour Splash tutorial below.

4) Take one of your images and using both techniques explained here, colour splash one object in your image. You can also Google "high resolution fruit/food" in Google images and download an image and practice on that image. Drag and drop your image into the Colour Splash folder on the Assignments Drive --> Submissions.

REMEMBER! Contrary to the tutorial, create a new layer to make it black and white, do not do it to your original background layer. You will need to use a coloured photo.

Colour Splash Tutorial

Dec 5

Period 2 only- 2 New photo Assignments due today!

1) Choose 1 photo you would like to have printed. It should either be a yearbook photo or one of your black and white photo assignments that has had necessary editing done.  Drag and drop to Photos to Print folder on Assignments drive --> Loke--> Submissions

2) Choose 1 photo to have critiqued on Tuesday. Drag and drop to the Critique folder on Assignments drive --> Loke--> Submissions.

3) Work on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY!

Nov 30

Work on your 2 new photo assignments DUE TOMORROW!

Did you finish your Animoto? Did you make a new folder (in your h/p drive) for photos to have printed?

Nov 29

1) Create a folder named To Print. Drag and drop any of your image assignments you would like to have printed on photo paper

2) If you did not complete your Animoto slideshow video - work on it now, it is DUE TODAY!

3) Orientation photos from last week - did you hand yours in? 1 image, but taken at different orientation  - landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical). Majority of you DID NOT hand in your orientation pictures. Remember, you only change the WAY you take the picture, nothing else.

4) ISO Photo assignment - take 3 images with varying ISO settings. In your file name, tell me which ISO was used. (Eg. mslokeISO100, mslokeISO1600)

5) Work on your 2 new photo assignments due Thursday. REMEMBER TO LOOK AT THE IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS following the chart! Some people are handing in images that do not fulfill the assignment! (Eg. Landscape)

Nov 28 - Mini Portfolio - Animoto

Mini Portfolio!

A portfolio is a way of showing your best work in a dynamic way. There are various forms of portfolios available. You are going to create a quick one now!

1) View the sample below

2) Go to Animoto is a website that can create easy slide shows with added animation and music. We will be having these shown in the rotunda, so ensure your images are appropriate!

3) Click SIGN IN at the top and login in with the following information:
password: Learner

3) Click the blue Create Video button at the top

4) Choose a theme. You can test your theme by clicking the play button.

5) After you've chosen your theme, click the blue Create Video button

6) Follow the 4 steps outlined on the left. Watch the video tutorial BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANYTHING!

7) Add a minimum of 15 of your favourite photos you've taken this year so far. They should include all  your photo assignments and any yearbook ones that you like.

8) Create your slideshow! After your slideshow is finished producing, check to see if it's in the My Videos section. If it's there you are done!
9) DUE TUESDAY! REMEMBER! 2 new photo assignments DUE THURSDAY! (No school Friday)

** If you make any changes to your video, you will have to reproduce it.

Marking Criteria:

-15 photos minimum that are excellent photos (15 marks)
-Title Slide with creative slideshow name (5 marks)

Nov 25

1) If you did not complete the vignette assignment from yesterday, do so now.

2)Work on your photo assignments today. 3 new photo assignments are due! Remember you are handing in 4 images --> 2 are the same but differ in orientation (portrait = vertical, landscape = horizontal)

Nov 24 - Photoshop Vignette

Vignetting is an excellent way to enhance your images to make them look a bit more professional.

Watch the tutorial below. Try both methods shown in the video on 2 different images. SHOW ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE TO WORK ON YOUR PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS!

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments = 4 photos, 2 are the same image, but differ in orientation (portrait and landscape) DUE FRIDAY! 

Nov 23

Yearbook blitz! See me for a camera and yearbook assignment. When you are done, upload them to the YEARBOOK WEBSITE and continue working on your photo assignments.

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments DUE FRIDAY! 4 photos are to be handed in (2 same, but with different orientation)

Nov 22

Work on your 3 new photo assignments today.

REMEMBER! 3 new photo assignments due FRIDAY. You will be handing in 4 images (2 are same subject, but different orientation)

Nov 21

1) Fill in your photo log. You must have at least 24 entries. They can be for any of the photos you've taken, whether they're good or not or whether you like them or not. (REMEMBER: You can right click on your image to get the information). SHOW ME BEFORE THE END OF CLASS.

2) CLASS CRITIQUE - review the critiquing questions (blogsite) and terms in your booklet. As a class, everyone will be asked to comment on a photo. You may be asked to comment on a certain question in regards to an image, or your general opinion. THIS IS FOR MARKS!

3) Experiment with portrait and landscape orientation today. Work on your photo assignments, but try taking the same shot in portrait AND landscape orientation. Does one work better than the other for your image? How so? Or do both forms of orientation do a good job enhancing the image?

3 new photo assignments due FRIDAY.  See the Due Dates Calendar for description. You will actually be handing in 4 images, but two of your images will be the same except for the orientation.

Nov 18

2 New photo assignments DUE TODAY!

Yearbook blitz! The pictures aren't good enough to put into the yearbook :( Let's work on getting in closer and taking pictures of people IN ACTION. DO NOT STAND AT THE DOOR TO TAKE PICTURES!

1) See me for a camera to get your yearbook assignment. Take 12 pictures that are CLOSE and we can see people's faces and what they're doing. Show me when you get back. BE BACK IN 45 MINUTES!

2) Upload your photos to the Yearbook drive and drop into the proper folder

3) Work on your photo assignments

Image File Characteristics Assignment

1) Download the assignment below as a Word doc. You may need to open in a new window.

2) Go to Learn Alberta --> Photography 1275 - Digital Processing --> Project 2 --> play button --> #16 File Formats (click the link)

3) When you are done, drag and drop into the Assignments drive --> Loke --> Image File Characteristics Assign folder

4) Work on your photo assignments. 2 new photos DUE FRIDAY NOV 18

Nov 15

Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing long weekend!

Yearbook photo blitz today!

See me for a camera and yearbook assignment. Go out and capture 12 shots for your yearbook assignment. Show me your shots when you come back. BE BACK IN 45 MIN!

Remember to knock and ask for permission BEFORE you enter classrooms.

Upload your images to the yearbook drive BEFORE the end of class. Make sure it is uploaded to the correct folder!

Nov 10

Continue working on your 2 photo assignments DUE TODAY. Submit them by dropping them into the Assignments drive. --> Loke--> Submissions--> Photo Assign #4

Nov 9 - Photographer Profile

1) Find a PhotoLife magazine on the side shelf

2) Find the photographer profile article

3) Answer the following questions in the form below

Nov 8

Continue working on your photo assignments. 2 new photo assignments DUE THURSDAY.

Nov 7

1) You have 15 minutes to edit and drop your 4 new photo assignments into the Assignments drive

2) When you are done, read the Critiquing Guidelines & Questions posting

3) Grab a 1/2 sheet of scrap paper and number down the left hand side #1-8 and wait for instructions.

Critiquing Guidelines & Questions

Critiquing your work is a way to help you become a better photographer. Seeing your images through someone else's eyes can give you new ideas about composing your images. Everyone has individual preferences as to what is pleasing, so remember these are only suggestions; you can decide whether or not you want to take them to heart.

Critiquing Guidelines

- Be respectful
- Constructive Criticism
- Note strengths and areas for improvement

Critiquing Elements

1) What are the Elements of Design/Composition in the image? (lines, texture, shape, negative space, weighting, placement, emphasis, dynamics, balance, point of view, rule of thirds, 9-zone grid - see booklet for descriptions)

2) How did the light source affect the image?

3) Focus & focal points - What are they? Did you like them?

4) Depth of field and how it influences the image - Shallow or long? How does it add to the image?

5) Exposure & ISO - which part of the Photographic Triangle was primary?

6) Noise, distractions, and aesthetics - Are there any? What would be a suggestion for improving/avoiding it?

7) Using proper terminology

8) Any other suggestions for helping photographer improve their image regarding a certain photography aspect? (Eg. position subject more on 9 zone grid, think more about using (blank) lighting, set your aperture to be larger, bring down your ISO, etc)

Nov 4

Continue working on your 4 photo assignments. 4 new ones are DUE MONDAY!


Nov 3

Yearbook Photos Today!

1) See me to sign out a camera

2) See me to get your yearbook assignment

3) You must capture 10 images for your assigned topic

4) Show me your images. Upload to the Yearbook drive ONLY.

5) Continue working on your 4 photo assignments.


Nov 2

1) Upload your school photos into the YEARBOOK drive. Be sure to sort them into separate categories and put into individual folders

2) Work on your photo aging assignment and/or photo essay if you haven't handed them in

3) Continue working on your 4 photo assignments due FRIDAY.

Nov 1

1) Take a minute to go through your images and sort them into folders. I will be checking at some point during class FOR MARKS.

  • Your photos of anything that is happening at school should be uploaded to the YEARBOOK DRIVE. If you haven't done so in a while, upload your school images now.
  • When you are uploading images to the Yearbook drive, you MUST drop them into a named category folder within a category. 
  • If it is a sport, go to the sports folder and drop them into the correct folder. If it is not there, make one. If it is a course, go to Academics and drop them into the correct folder. If there isn't one, make one. etc. 
3) PHOTOSHOP AGING ASSIGNMENT DUE TODAY! -> drag and drop to Assignment drive to hand in

4) Alternate Field trip Assignment DUE TODAY --> drag and drop to Assignment drive to hand in

5) 4 Photo assignments from chart in booklet DUE FRIDAY

Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Continue working on your photoshop aging assignment (due tomorrow)and your 4 photo assignments due on Friday.
If you did not go on the field trip, your photo essay is due tomorrow.

Complete the form below if you went on the field trip.

Opening Activity - Photo Essay

1) Click the link below and view the photo essay.

 Photo Essay

2) Answer the following questions

Fieldtrip Alternate Assignment - Photo Essay

Photo Essays - A photo-essay (or photographic essay) is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer. A photo essay will often show pictures in deep emotional stages. Photo essays range from purely photographic works to photographs with captions or small notes to full text essays with a few or many accompanying photographs. Photo essays can be sequential in nature, intended to be viewed in a particular order, or they may consist of non-ordered photographs which may be viewed all at once or in an order chosen by the viewer
Photo-essay. (2011, August 2). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 9:44pm October 27, 2011, from

There are 3 parts to this assignment:
1) Photo Essay Questions
2) Create your own photo essay
3) Submission: Drop both your Questions doc and Photo Essay Powerpoint into the Assignments drive

PART 1: Photo Essay Questions

1) Click below and choose a photo essay to view from Time magazine.

Time Magazine Photo Essays

2) Review the essay by answering the following questions in a WORD doc. Also copy and paste the link of your photo essay into your assignment. 
  a) Did the photographer use staged photos, candid photos or both?
   b) Color or B&W? Did it make a difference? 
   c) Find examples of good exposure and composition and point them out. Identify a minimum of 10 components related to exposure and composition. (Eg. Picuture 2 - lines (lead eye to book toward the back of the image, shallow depth of field)
   d) How close does the subject feel in the photo? What kind of emotions are evoked when you view the image?
   e) How much narration and text support the essay?
    f) Do the photos in the essay stand alone or do they need to be seen as a part of the whole?
   g) Describe your reaction to the essay. Do all photo essays illicit a reaction in the viewer?
(18 Marks)
PART 2: Create your own photo essay

Create your own photo essay in Powerpoint using the guidelines below:
1) Choose 10 photos you already have (if you don't have enough for 10, you need to get some)
2) Single theme or "story" for the essay
3) Consider the following in choosing your photographs:
                  - Composition 
                  - Lighting
                  - Angle and distance to subject
                  - Candid or posed photos?
                  - Consider the need for text to accompany each photograph 

Click HERE to see some sample student photo essays
(25 marks)

PART 3: Submission

Drop both your Questions doc and Photo Essay Powerpoint into the Assignments drive  

Oct 27 - Power of Photoshop Assignment

1) Watch the video below to see what kind of impact Photoshop can have on images in today's society

2) Now we are going to do the opposite! Get a partner and take a close up shot of each other. SMILE! (you will need your smile lines to age your photo).  The image should be just above your shoulders and your head should encompass the majority of the frame. Get in close to take the picture!

3) Download your image and open in Photoshop.

4)  Follow the aging tutorial below and use the tools you've learned so far in Photoshop to age your photo as well as explore the new ones mentioned in the tutorial. You are more than welcome to do any other touch ups to your photo as you like. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR PHOTO TO YOUR LIKENESS!


Photoshop Aging Tutorial

Oct 26

Continue working on your photo assignments or technology if you did not hand it in yet.

REMINDER! Fieldtrip form and money!

Oct 25

Continue working on your Photo Assignments and Investigating New Technologies Assignment.


Assignment - Investigating New Technologies

1) Go to Learn Alberta - Photography 1275- Digital Processing 1
(If you are accessing this from home, you will need to login (username: LA06 password: 4105)

2) Click on Project 5--> play button --> on left hand side menu, click #5 - New Technologies

3) Click the assignment below, download as a Word doc.
Investigating New Technologies Assignment

4) Use the tutorial on the Learn Alberta website to complete the assignment

5) Once completed, EMAIL TO ME. (See Contact Me tab)

Oct 24


- Work on sorting through your images (deleting images you don't like, putting images into folders, etc)
- Update your PHOTO LOG - see booklet
- Continue working on your photo assignments.


Oct 21


Work on your 2 photo assignments due today. Be sure to use the Photoshop tools you've learned this week to ENHANCE your image. UPLOAD BOTH YOUR JPG and PSD files to the Submission folder. If you are unsure on how to do this, ASK!

Opening Activity -Photoshop Healing brushes & Paint brush tools


1) Read the 3 articles linked below and answer the question in the form :

Spot Healing Brush Tool                      Healing Brush Tool                      Patch Tool

2) Read the description of the brush tool in your Photography booklet.

3) TRY IT! Show me your use of the 4 tools IN ACTION on an image using Photoshop at some point in class today.

Opening Activity - Photoshop Spot Burn & Dodging Tools


1) Watch the video below for the spot and dodge tools for Photoshop. YOU ONLY NEED TO WATCH TO MINUTE 9:00.

2) Try it out! Open one of your images in Photoshop and enhance your image with the Dodge and Burn tools. SHOW ME. When you're done, you may continue working on your photo assignments

Opening Activity - Photoshop Clone Stamp & Magic Wand Tools

 REMINDER! Fieldtrip form and money! 2 Photo assignments due FRIDAY!

1) Watch the 2 videos below

2) Open an image in Photoshop

3) Use the following tools to change your image:
   a) Layers
   b) Adjust levels
   c) Clone stamp
   d) Magic Wand

4) Show me at some point in class today

Opening Activity - Oct 17 - Photoshop Adjusting Levels

1) In your booklet, read the sections Photoshop Basics #1-11 and Steps and Tools for Manipulating an image in Photoshop #1 -2.

2) Watch the video below

3) Take one of your images  and adjust the levels to improve the image. At some point during class you must show me your manipulated levels image.

REMINDER! 2 Photo Assignments due FRIDAY OCT 21.

Oct 14

- 12 Yearbook images +1 Photo assignment DUE TODAY! 


At some point during class, you must show me your 12 yearbook images. If you are unable to get the ones you signed up for,  get some of Forest Lawn life. DO NOT DROP THEM INTO THE SUBMISSION  FOLDER - you need to upload them to the Yearbook drive AND and let me know when you're ready to have me look at them on your computer for your mark.

***When you hand in your photo assignment, don't forget the correct way to name your file and change your image to black and white!

Opening Activity - Oct 3

REMINDER! 12 Yearbook images + 1 photo assignment due OCT 14 - TOMORROW!

Continue working on your written assignments or see me for a camera.

Opening Activity - Oct 12 - Photoshop Black and White Tutorial

REMINDER! 12 Yearbook images + 1 photo assignment DUE FRIDAY OCT 14.

1) Copy the following rubric into your book where the assignment chart is:

Photo Assignments Rubric - 10 marks total
5 marks Composition (includes Exposure elements and Elements of Composition)
2 marks focus
2 marks noise/distractions
1 mark on time

2) a) Read the tutorial on how to change your pictures from colour to black and white in Photoshop. Only your photo assignments must be submitted in black and white. Your Yearbook images do not need to be converted.

b) Take an image and convert it to black and white - when you are happy with it, raise your hand and show it to me.

Adobe Photoshop Black and White Tutorial

3) Continue working on your assignments or see me for a camera to start

Opening Activity - Oct 11

Welcome back from Tryptophan weekend!

REMINDER! 12 Yearbook images + 1 photo assignmnet DUE FRIDAY OCT 14

1) Download the Assignments Examples slide show. It is a large file and will take a while to finish. Google will ask if you want to "download anyways" even though it's too big to scan and you do. Click download anyways. While you are waiting,  read over your photo assignment descriptions before starting your work. 
IF you need to rewrite your test, study now and you must rewrite this class period.

2) Flip through the slide show to see examples of your photo assignments.

Assignments Examples Slide Show

3) If you are done all your written assignments including your test rewrite, see me for a camera to start your photo assignments

Opening Activity - Oct 6

1) CORRECT YOUR TEST. Look over your test and find the right answers in your booklet. Fill in the correct answer on your test. If you did not receive 21.5/43 or higher on your test, you need to rewrite it today. 

2) Watch the following 2 videos. Answer the questions in the form below.

3) Continue working on assignments you have not handed in or get a camera to start your photo assignments.

REMINDER! 1 photo assignment (your choice) & 12 yearbook images are due OCT 14

Opening Activity - Oct 5

Study for your Composition and ISO test now!

Opening Activity - Oct 4 Framing

 REMINDER! Composition and ISO quiz tomorrow

1) Read the posted article below and answer the questions in the form

Fill Your Frame article

2) Study for your Composition and ISO quiz. We will review later in class.

3) Work on any assignments you have not yet submitted

Opening Activity - Oct 3 - Composition Elements Assignment

REMINDER! Composition Elements TEST WED OCT 5

A) Finish the Zoom Blur assignment if you have not done so

B) Pick 3 photos from the website below:

Photo Republik - Photo of the Day 
(scroll to the bottom of the page to navigate to different pages)

For each image, do the following:

1) Take a screen shot of the enlarged image and paste into a Word doc (hit the print screen button -above insert, left of scroll lock on your keyboard)

2) Below each image in the Word doc,
   a) Name the Elements of Composition are in the image (there may be more than 1, refer to notes)
   b) Answer the following:
        i) Does it keep your eye moving around the whole image or only to parts of it? How?
       ii) How's the placement of the subjects? Which Rule of Thirds, weighting (side, top, bottom), or 9-zone grid placement does it use?
      iii) Is there harmony? Tension? Balance? How? Describe.
      iv)What are the dynamics? Point of view? Describe.
       v) 1 additional factor of the image that makes it interesting
(think depth of field, lighting, negative and positive space, lines, shape, texture)

3) Save and EMAIL TO ME - Be sure to include your name on your assignment!

Opening Activity - Sept 30 - Zoom Effect

1) Copy the Composition notes from the board

2) Read the Mastering the Zoom Effect article.

Mastering the Zoom Effect Article

3) In your own words, describe (TYPE ANSWERS BELOW):
      a) How to create the zoom effect in your images
      b) 5 tips you would give to another photographer who is trying the zoom effect for the first time


Zoom Blur Tutorial - #4 Photo Assignment

See the link below for the tutorial for your Zoom Blur image

Zoom Blur Photo Assignment #4 Tutorial

Opening Activity - Sept 29

1) Read the article below:


2) Write down 5 points you think are important to remember for when you're taking photos. FILL OUT FORM BELOW

3)  Copy the composition notes from the board

Opening Activity - Sept 28

Continue working on your Camera Simulator assignment. DUE TODAY!

Those that need to re write the test, STUDY NOW!

If you are done both of these, see me.

Camera Simulator Assignment

Click the link below and try different settings on the camera to see what kind of images you get.

Can you freeze & blur the pinwheel? Shallow depth of field image? Long depth of field? Change the lighting conditions. How does light affect your image? What does changing the ISO do to the image?

Camera Simulator

ASSIGNMENT - Write down 10 things that you noticed when you changed certain settings on the camera

Opening Activity - sept 27

Study for your test!

Opening Activity - Yearbook Photography Ch2 - Sept 26

View the slide show and complete the quiz. Download the file as Word, complete, save. We will mark it later in class

Yearbook Photography Ch2 Slide Show

Yearbook Photography Ch2 Quiz


Opening Activity - Sept 22

Continue working the assignments you haven't handed in yet.

If you are done, come and see me for a camera to continue practicing the chart.

If you need to rewrite your Camera Identification Quiz, study now!

Opening Activity - Sept 21

Study for you Camera identification quiz! If you are done studying, continue working on your assignments.

Camera Holding & Focusing - LATE
PHotography & Society - DUE TODAY!


Opening Activity - Sept 20

Continue working on:
- Holding & Focusing
- Photography & Society
- Camera Identification - DUE YESTERDAY!

Camera Identification Quiz TOMORROW

Opening Activity - Sept 18

1) Watch Exposure Part 1 (below)

2) Read Exposure notes in your booklet

3) Continue working on Camera Identification, Photography & Society, Holding & Focusing a camera assignments

Exposure - Intro

Camera Idenitifcation

Looking at the diagrams in your booklet, complete the form below identifying each part of the camera and give a brief description for function. Use the manual (link below), video, and the presentation in class.

Canon XSi Camera Manual

Lynda Tutorial - Aperture

Watch the following 2 videos:

For the rest of class, you are to be working on your:
-History of Photography Assignment - DUE TODAY
- Camera Identification Assignment - Complete on blogsite. Don't forget to submit even if you're not done!
- Camera holding and focusing Assignment  - see booklet
-Photography & Society - see booklet

Opening Activity - Sept 15

Work on your History of Photography Assignment

History of Photography Assignment

After reading the article in your booklet, complete the following questions below:

Download the file to Word, complete, print & hand in.

History of Photography Assignment Questions

Opening Activity - Sept 14

VISUAL COMP Assignment 1 AND 2 are due TODAY!

Work on these for the first couple minutes of class. If you did not have to complete these assignments, watch the Visual Comp Videos.

Opening Activity - Sept 13

Continue working on your Visual Comp Assignments 1 & 2 and your yearbook page design

Career Connection Assignment

1) Go to and login
Username: Forest
Password: Lawn

2) Click on ASSESSMENTS at the top and click CAREER MATCHMAKER

3) Complete the 39 question inventory using the given rating guide

4) Choose a career listed for you that would utilize photography, imaging making, concepts, or elements of design that you would be interested in.

4) With your chosen career, complete the career profile questions below.

5) Find a job posting OR an artist portfolio for your chosen career

5) Find a job posting OR an artist portfolio for your chosen career

Opening Activity - Sept 12

Continue working on your Yearbook Page Design Assignment and Visual Comp Assignments 1 & 2.


Opening Activity - Sept 8

Continue working on your Visual Comp Assignments and yesterday's Opening Activity - Yearbook Photos Ch1 slide show and quiz

Yearbook Page Design Assignment - 20 marks

Following the tutorial from our guest speaker Jim, create a 2-page spread template to familiarize yourself with Yearbook Avenue.

DUE SEPT 12, 2011

1) Go to

2) Sign in with your user name (first initial last name) and password (ID number). No caps!
Job #: 19671 (Don't forget to drop down for the 2012 book)

3) Create --> Page Designer --> navigate to assigned page

4) Create your page design (If you are coming back to your design, Designs tab--> Custom, Practice Pages. Find yours and continue working)

Assignment Criteria (Don't forget to keep in mind elements of page design! See slide show). You have your choice as to what topic your design is for (Eg: Mugs, academics, sports, student life, etc). For ideas, see the Look It books, previous yearbooks, and design templates already on the site. Your page design must consist of the following:
- copy (text)
- image boxes
- headlines
- shapes
- clip art (optional)

5) Save as practice page with your name

Opening Activity - Yearbook Photography Ch1

View the slide show and complete the quiz

 Yearbook Photography Ch 1 Slide Show

Yearbook Photography Ch 1 Quiz

Opening Activity - Battle at F-Stop

Watch the Video below:

Opening Activity - The Yearbook

View the following slide show and complete the worksheet.

Yearbook 1 Slide Show

How to Hold a Camera

Using the class demonstration and the video below, write a summary of key points to remember when holding the camera

Course Outline & Other Things

Click below to see your Photography Course Outline, Rules and Regulations Contract,
and Equipment Responsibility Form

Photography Course Outline

Rules and Responsibilities Contract

Equipment Responsibility Form