Nov 21

1) Fill in your photo log. You must have at least 24 entries. They can be for any of the photos you've taken, whether they're good or not or whether you like them or not. (REMEMBER: You can right click on your image to get the information). SHOW ME BEFORE THE END OF CLASS.

2) CLASS CRITIQUE - review the critiquing questions (blogsite) and terms in your booklet. As a class, everyone will be asked to comment on a photo. You may be asked to comment on a certain question in regards to an image, or your general opinion. THIS IS FOR MARKS!

3) Experiment with portrait and landscape orientation today. Work on your photo assignments, but try taking the same shot in portrait AND landscape orientation. Does one work better than the other for your image? How so? Or do both forms of orientation do a good job enhancing the image?

3 new photo assignments due FRIDAY.  See the Due Dates Calendar for description. You will actually be handing in 4 images, but two of your images will be the same except for the orientation.