Opening Activity - Oct 3 - Composition Elements Assignment

REMINDER! Composition Elements TEST WED OCT 5

A) Finish the Zoom Blur assignment if you have not done so

B) Pick 3 photos from the website below:

Photo Republik - Photo of the Day 
(scroll to the bottom of the page to navigate to different pages)

For each image, do the following:

1) Take a screen shot of the enlarged image and paste into a Word doc (hit the print screen button -above insert, left of scroll lock on your keyboard)

2) Below each image in the Word doc,
   a) Name the Elements of Composition are in the image (there may be more than 1, refer to notes)
   b) Answer the following:
        i) Does it keep your eye moving around the whole image or only to parts of it? How?
       ii) How's the placement of the subjects? Which Rule of Thirds, weighting (side, top, bottom), or 9-zone grid placement does it use?
      iii) Is there harmony? Tension? Balance? How? Describe.
      iv)What are the dynamics? Point of view? Describe.
       v) 1 additional factor of the image that makes it interesting
(think depth of field, lighting, negative and positive space, lines, shape, texture)

3) Save and EMAIL TO ME - Be sure to include your name on your assignment!