Yearbook Page Design Assignment - 20 marks

Following the tutorial from our guest speaker Jim, create a 2-page spread template to familiarize yourself with Yearbook Avenue.

DUE SEPT 12, 2011

1) Go to

2) Sign in with your user name (first initial last name) and password (ID number). No caps!
Job #: 19671 (Don't forget to drop down for the 2012 book)

3) Create --> Page Designer --> navigate to assigned page

4) Create your page design (If you are coming back to your design, Designs tab--> Custom, Practice Pages. Find yours and continue working)

Assignment Criteria (Don't forget to keep in mind elements of page design! See slide show). You have your choice as to what topic your design is for (Eg: Mugs, academics, sports, student life, etc). For ideas, see the Look It books, previous yearbooks, and design templates already on the site. Your page design must consist of the following:
- copy (text)
- image boxes
- headlines
- shapes
- clip art (optional)

5) Save as practice page with your name