Jan 9 - Portfolio Notes

Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

1) Hand in 1 photo to critique. Drag and drop to the Critique folder on the Assignments drive.

2) Did you hand in all your photo assignments? A lot of you did not. Work on your photo assignments you have not completed yet. If you are having trouble finding some of your assignment shots, please see me ASAP.

If you are done all your photo assignments, continue working on your Powerpoint portfolio.

A few notes:
-> You should have 26 photos + 26 information slides + 1 cover slide = 53 Slides MINIMUM in your portfolio.

-> Your photos should be all your assignment photos and no more than 5 school life pictures.

-> Do you have any photos you are not happy with or would like to redo? Feel free to go out and redo those photos and replace your assignment photo with your new and improved one.

-> Do you have a photo that you love but it does not fit into any of the assignments? You can add no more than 2 BONUS photos to your portfolio.

-> Your photos can be 25 of any of the 28 assignments.

-> You MUST have these assignments in your  portfolio:
     - 2 Action Shots
     - ISO (all 3 can be on 1 slide) - be sure to label each photo with its ISO
     - Bracketing (all 3 can be on 1 slide)

-> Do you think your colour shot is spectacular? Put your colour version of the photo after the black and white assignment on a separate slide.

-> Make sure your photos are colour corrected and touched up (adjustments made to levels, highlights and lowlights, distractions taken out, etc) and VIGNETTE if you think it will enhance your photo.

Questions? SEE ME ASAP!