Natural Light Portraiture Assignment

Light can be a very useful too when taking photos. You've probably already started to notice how it can affect your photos. Light can be used to create a mood, add drama, and/or evoke emotion into your viewer.

Look at the photos at the website and watch the video below. Natural light is always the best type of light to use to flatter your subject (without using additional equipment).

Natural Light Portraits Article

1) Find a partner and take 1 camera for the pair of you and find a window in the school

2) Work together to come up with poses that uses the natural light coming in through the window to light your model. Use the website article and the video for ideas and inspiration or try to recreate one of the images.

3) Things to remember:
-> Do not take a picture of your model's whole body. Concentrate on the upper half or get in even closer and just take their face

-> Try different angles and poses both as a photographer and as a model

-> Watch your camera settings. Think about using a large aperture (small F number) for shallow depth of field.

-> Be creative and have fun! You each need to come up with 1 photo to hand in. Remember you may still need to work on it in Photoshop so make sure you leave time. Add this photo to your portfolio!